Fundraising Tips

Jaya Laxmi Co - helps schools, sport leagues, youth groups, faith-based organizations, and non-profits raise much needed funds.  Below are fundraising tips to help you raise the money you need.



Get Your Members Involved

More than anything else, the success of your fundraiser depends on getting all of your members involved. Hold a kick-off meeting to start your fundraiser.

This is a surefire way to get all of your athletes, students, and volunteers involved and raise money for your cause.

Set Fundraiser Goals

Let your members know your fundraiser’s goals. Be specific. Tell your members exactly how much money you need to raise. You should also tell your members what the money will be used for. Break down the group’s goals to individual sales goals. If you have 100 members in your group and your goal is to sell 1500 units, then make sure each member knows you need them to sell a minimum of 15 units each!

Use Email to Expand Your Reach
Your members can email people they do not see on a regular basis to let them know about your fundraiser.

Fundraise on Your Team Website
If your organization has a website we suggest that you write a blog announcing your fundraiser. You can also create a web page that supports all of your fundraising efforts.

Ask Local Businesses to Help Fundraise
Ask local retailers, hair salons, auto repair shops or restaurants if they will help with your fundraiser. One great way a local business can help your group is to put a fundraising flier display on their counter and sell for you.

Fundraise in Front of a Store
Have your members go where the crowds are. You can take it to them by setting up a table in front of local grocery stores, discount department stores, home improvement stores, etc. You can often reach or exceed your fundraising goal in just one weekend!
Use Online Social Networks

Your members can update their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts with information about your fundraiser.

This is just another great way to get your members involved. Use Facebook & Twitter to generate more sales.


We are looking forward to helping you raise money!


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Our  fundraisers: Earth Candles, Quote Candles, Journey of Faith Candles, Magic Melts, One Dollar Bar, Hershey's Candy Bars, Gourmet Coffee& Tea, Baker Jo's Cookie Dough, First Aid Kits, Greeting Cards, Lollipops: Shockwaves, Creme de la Creme, Mega Rounds, Mexican Vero Lollopops, Pizza Cards, Popcorn, Pretzel Rods, Restaurant Gift Cards, Savings Discount Card, Scratch Cards Fundraiser, Snackin' in the USA, and Welch's Fruit Snacks Fundraiser.







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