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Chocolate Candy Bars & Candy Fundraisers

Candy bars have always been guaranteed money-makers. You will have the candy in-hand to sell to your supporters. You will make faster sales and more profit! We offer your group the most popular brands of chocolate candy bars and candy fundraisers. All boxes of candy bars are compact and come with a handle for easy use. One case minimum. FREE SHIPPING.

Van Wyk $1 One Dollar Americas Variety Pack

The original $1 ONE DOLLAR BAR America’s Variety carrier is our best selling candy bar fundraiser. It includes a selection of five different candy bar choices, including the popular milk chocolate, almond bars and crispy rice! One case minimum. FREE SHIPPING.

Van Wyk $1 - $2 Chocolatiers Variety Pack.  You choose your profit.

The $1 - $2 Chocolatiers Candy Bars are easy to sell. There are 18 Creamy Caramel, 18 Roasted Almonds, 14 Crispy Rice Bars, 10 Milk Chocolate Bars. The are 4 carriers in a case with 60 candy bars in each carrier. One case totals 240 candy bars. One case minimum. FREE SHIPPING.

Van Wyk $2 Chocolatiers Variety Pack

The $2 Chocolatiers Variety Pack offers great tasting premium chocolate in a bigger format, 2.25 oz. Selling the larger $2 candy bars means you raise your funds more quickly. There are 4 carriers in a case with 30 candy bars in a carrier. One case totals 120 candy bars.  One case minimum. FREE SHIPPING.

$2 Hershey's Fundraising Assortments

$2 Hershey's Fundraising Bars is a favorite for any size group.

​Big Bars, Big Brands, Big Profits.

Earn Big Profits with Hershey's new big bar $2 assortment carriers. Put Hershey's brand power to work for your next fundraiser with this new 30 count carrier.

Each Case contains 4 carriers or individual handled boxes.  30 chocolate bars in each carrier for a total of 120 candy bars!

Carrier contents:
8 - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
8 - Kit Kat Bars
8 - Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds
6 – Twizzlers

One case minimum. FREE SHIPPING.

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