Gourmet Coffee & Tea

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Freshly Ground Coffee and Descriptions:

• House Blend – a light roasted blend, smooth and flavorful
• Breakfast Blend – dark roasted with a rich and smooth finish
• Hazelnut Cream – a touch of creamy hazelnut added to a smooth cup of coffee
• Cinnamon Hazelnut – a classic combination creates this delicious cup
• Caramel Fudge – a guiltless indulgence of the perfect pair
• Southern Pecan – a real treat for pecan lovers, a rich toasted pecan flavor
• Brazil Decaf – a light and smooth South American Coffee

 Delicious Tea and Descriptions: (25 tea bags)

• Black Currant – it’s warm, pleasant & slightly tangy. The perfect blend of black tea and sweet, ripe currants
• Earl Grey – this black tea is flavored with oil of bergamot to add a fruity and citrus flavor
• Mango – this tropical flavor will entice your taste buds
• Peach Apricot – think of peaches and apricots falling off a tree together in a wonderful blend. 
• Orange Spice – this all time favorite of citrus orange with a dash of spice
• Raspberry – red raspberries blended with black tea

Freshly Gourmet Coffee and Tea sells for $12 a bag and you keep $5 per each bag sold.

• Coffee sold in a 10oz. bag and 25 tea bags in a bag
• We provide sell-sheets and marketing materials
• You take orders and collect money – No Up-front Fees
• Free shipping with minimum of a 100 bag order
• Allow 2 weeks for delivery

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