Savings Discount Card

We give you 25 characters on two lines to personalize your cards. This makes your cards unique and a lot easier to sell to your supporters.

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The Discount Card is the industry leader in helping programs raise money quickly and easily.


Get access to over 300,000 locations that you and your supporters will love!

• Experienced fundraising professionals
• A proven fundraising methodology
• A hands-on expert to run your fundraiser from start to finish
• A worry-free program that offers real value
• Dependable money-making results, year after year

Save up to 50% on:
• Dining
• Shopping
• Movies
• Recreation
• Automotive
• Heath & Beauty
• Services
• Hotels
• And Much Much More!

Click Here To See Savings   Enter 1300 in first box, 55 in second box. Search by your zip code.


Great Advantages:
• An easy to sell product that is personalized with the name of your team/league

• You sell them for $20
• Keep $10 per each card sold
• Your supporters save hundreds at popular restaurants and businesses for an entire year
• Over 20 different card designs to choose from. 


Show Your Phone and Save

All cards come with a free "Show Your Phone and Save" mobile coupon app and website.

Supporters receive these benefits

  • No printing necessary, just show mobile coupons to save.

  • Over 300,000 participating locations.

  • GPS search finds nearby deals instantly!

You can also print out your savings.


There is a minimum order of 50 cards.


Brochure/Sell-Sheet Selling: Click Here To see 2 page Order Taker

Your group take orders with our free brochures/sell-sheets and collect money. Place order after your fundraiser.  You place the order with the money collected.  No out of pocket expenses for you.  Please deliver Savings Discount Card to your supporters once received.


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Saving Discount Card

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