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Beautiful Greeting Cards 

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Greeting Card Fundraiser

Choose from twelve beautiful Greeting Cards!

Sell greeting cards packages for $12 and you raise $6 per each package.

• No Upfront Fee
• Free Order Takers
• You take orders with our free order takers and collect money, place bulk order after      fundraiser with the money you collected. No out of pocket cost for you.
• Free shipping for orders of 50 or more greeting cards.

Greeting Cards:
You sell the Greeting Cards for $12 a package (6 cards per package) and you keep $6 per each Greeting Card package you sell.  The cards are 5"x 7 3/4".  There are 6 cards of the same design and 6 envelopes attractively package in a cello bag.  The Greeting Cards are blank inside.

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