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Magic Melts & Warmers

Magic Melts and Warmers


Highly Fragrant, Long Lasting, Fragrance Bars!


Full 2 ounces net weight per fragrance bar.


There are 10 different fragrances to choose from:


Baked Apple Pie

Black Raspberry & Vanilla

Cinnamon Apple

Christmas Spice



Sea Mist & Lavender

Vanilla Ginger

Warm Hope

White Cotton


Magic Melts sell for $5 each.  You make $2.50 per each Magic Melt sold.


Plug-in Warmer

Our most popular Fleur-de-lis model is perfect for smaller rooms with less counter space.  Cream and tan colors.  Approximately 3" wide and 4" tall; uses a 15 watt bulb.


Plug-in warmer sells for $20.  You make $10 per warmer sold.



How It Works

• No Up-Front Fees
• Free brochures and sales materials
• You take orders and collect money
• At the end of your 2 week fundraiser you place a bulk order 
• You pay only your cost of the  Magic Melts and you keep your profit
Free shipping for orders of 150 or more Magic Melts to Eastern & Mid-Western Time Zone.  For orders from Pacific &          MTN time zones of 150+ items receives $250 shipping credit.
• After order and payment; please allow two weeks to receive your candles

Click on Sun Below For Magic Melt Sell Sheet

Candle & Magic Melt Flyer

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