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Cub Scout Fundrasier

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Jaya Laxmi Co., LLC Fundraising has easy fundraising ideas for your group.

Let us help you raise money for your Cub Scout Fundraiser.

We help schools, sport leagues, youth groups, churches and non-profits raise much-needed funds for their organization.

No Up-Front Fee Fundraisers! Free Fundraisers! We also have pre-paid in-hand sells – Hershey’s Candy  Bars and Scratch Cards. We have many Easy Fundraising Ideas for your group.

Company Overview
Easy fundraising products that are fun and easy for your students, athletes, members, and volunteers to sell!
• NO up-front fees fundraisers! There is no cost for you to put on a fundraiser.
• We provide you with all of the sales & marketing support
• Unique innovative fundraising products
• Free professional consulting services
• Quick and efficient way to raise money
• We help you every step of the way!

We also carry paid in advance fundraisers so you can have the product in-hand to sell to your supporters: Hershey’s Candy Bar Fundraiser and the Scratch Card Fundraiser.

Our fundraising campaigns are two weeks long, and depending on the size of the organization, the amount of money raised can range from $1,000 - $100,000!

Let us help your club, group or organization reach your fundraising goals! We Specialize in Adoption Fundraising, Sports League Fundraising, Youth Club Fundraising, School Program Fundraising, Church Program Fundraising, Non-profit Fundraising.

We have easy selling fundraising products your organization can sell to raise much needed funds!
Battery Fundraiser: Power Your Fundraiser With Interstate Batteries.  Interstate has 60 years of experience. Battery Fundraising is a great product for all groups.

Candles Fundraising: Earth Candles Fundraiser, “Quote” Candles Fundraisers and Faith Candles Fundraisers. This easy fundraiser is popular with Churches, Religious Schools and girl clubs.  Candle Fundraisers, Earth Candles Fundraising, “Quote” Candles Fundraising and Faith Candles Fundraisers are great product with great profits.

Hershey’s Candy Bars Fundraising (paid in advance fundraiser). Hershey’s Candy Bar Fundraiser is great for those who want an in-hand seller.
Coffee Fundraisers & Tea Fundraisers: Sell gourmet coffee & tea to your supporters.  Coffee Fundraising and Tea Fundraising is a great product for adults and children to sell.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser: Sell tub or pre-portion cookie dough. Our Cookie Dough Fundraising program is the same cookie dough made for Cold Stone Creamery.

First Aid Kits Fundraiser (American Red Cross):
100% American Made Product…Earn 50% for every item sold!
All kits are made in the USA by the same company who makes First Aid supplies for the American Red Cross.  The First Aid Kit Fundraiser is great for all groups.

Pizza Card Fundraiser: Save money on pizza from Papa John's, Pizza Hut, and Domino's or your local favorite pizza store. Pizza Card Fundraising is great for all groups.  Buy on pizza and get a free pizza for free for one year; every day of the year.

Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser: Offer your supporters a $25 or $50 restaurant gift card. This Restaurant Gift Card Fundraising Program is great to sell for all groups.

Savings Discount Card Fundraiser: Your supporters will save up to 50% on dining, shopping, movies, recreation, automotive, heath & beauty, hotels and much more. Everyone will benefit for this Savings Discount Fundraising program.

Scratch Card Fundraiser (paid in advance fundraiser) Scratch Card Fundraising is one of the most popular pre-paid fundraising programs.

Snackin in the USA Fundraiser: Variety of delicious snacks. Snackin in the USA Fundraising products are delicious.

TEN @ TEN Snack Fundraiser: Variety of delicious snacks in larger bags and with larger profits.  TEN @ TEN Snack Fundraiser is great for the whole family.

Contact your Fundraising Consultant to help you with easy fundraising ideas to help you raise money for your group or call Toll Free at 855-408-3800.

We are specialist in easy fundraising ideas and we are looking forward to helping you with your fundraising needs.

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