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What We Do


We will help you determine the best ideas, products and strategies to implement for your specific fundraiser. A few simple actions can make a big difference on the final results achieved during a fundraiser. We know what those actions are and we make sure you do too!

We take fundraising seriously and are 100% committed to helping your organization launch a fun and profitable fundraiser.

There is absolutely no financial risk to our clients! Launching a fundraiser with us is fast, easy and fun.

Why Us


When you partner with us you will receive all of the following benefits:

• Great fundraising ideas and tips to help your organization maximize your fundraiser. We know the selling strategies that work great to achieve a fun and profitable fundraiser and we make sure that you do too

• Products that are very popular. Our products are hot and have been very well received in the market place.

• FREE consulting services. We go beyond just offering our client great products to sell. We also provide expert advice to each of our clients. We are your partners and we help you throughout your entire fundraiser.

• We provide our clients with excellent custom sales & marketing tools designed to help your organization get the word out.

• Excellent customer service! Our most important goal is to help our clients raise funds fast. We want to earn your business and make you a client for life. We realize that you have many options available to you, so we go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with our fundraising program.


Fundraising Tips

​Get Your Members Involved

More than anything else, the success of your fundraiser depends on getting all of your members involved. Hold a kick-off meeting to start your fundraiser.

This is a surefire way to get all of your athletes, students, and volunteers involved and raise money for your cause.

Set Fundraiser Goals

Let your members know your fundraiser’s goals. Be specific. Tell your members exactly how much money you need to raise. You should also tell your members what the money will be used for. Break down the group’s goals to individual sales goals. If you have 100 members in your group and your goal is to sell 1500 units, then make sure each member knows you need them to sell a minimum of 15 units each!

Use Email to Expand Your Reach
Your members can email people they do not see on a regular basis to let them know about your fundraiser.

Fundraise on Your Team Website
If your organization has a website we suggest that you write a blog announcing your fundraiser. You can also create a web page that supports all of your fundraising efforts.

Ask Local Businesses to Help Fundraise
Ask local retailers, hair salons, auto repair shops or restaurants if they will help with your fundraiser. One great way a local business can help your group is to put a fundraising flier display on their counter and sell for you.

Fundraise in Front of a Store
Have your members go where the crowds are. You can take it to them by setting up a table in front of local grocery stores, discount department stores, home improvement stores, etc. You can often reach or exceed your fundraising goal in just one weekend!
Use Online Social Networks

Your members can update their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts with information about your fundraiser.

This is just another great way to get your members involved. Use Facebook & Twitter to generate more sales.

How To Get Stared

​Call us today at 855-408-3800 or click the link below and a Fundraiser Consultant will set up your fundraiser at no cost to you.


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