Ultimate First Aid Survival Kit



Extend your family preparedness to the maximum with the imaginative First Aid Survival Kit. The durable, ballistic nylon carrying case holds a comprehensive selection of first aid and survival supplies.


Neatly organized in individual sections, all contents are supplemented with simple instructions for rendering aid or surviving emergency situations.


The ultimate First Aid Survival Kit features a convenient carrying handle and stores easily. With a 50% profit on every sale, you can earn big dollars selling this fantastic kit!




Family Preparedness Kits


Emergencies can happen without warning. Ensure your family is prepared for the unexpected with these inventive emergency kits featuring first aid and survival supplies.


Grab and Go Pack

Keep essential emergency supplies at hand with the exclusive Personal Safety Pack. The light-weight tube stores easily and contains critical supplies needed to survive emergencies.


Perfect Benchwarmer

Whether you're in training or just a weekend warrior, be ready for sports injuries with the Deluxe Sports Kit. Developed specifically for sports, this kit has everything needed to keep you on the court or the field.


Safe in the Outdoors

Enjoy peace of mind when you're out in nature with the Deluxe Outdoor Soft Kit. The bright orange bag offers a full range of first aid as well as emergency supplies you can count on when you're away.


Ultimate Survival

Face emergencies with confidence with the cutting-edge First Aid Survival Kit. Smartly organized with easy to read guides, this kit holds a comprehensive selection of first aid and survival supplies.


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