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Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

Free Fundraiser: Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

Journey of Faith Candles are the perfect program for Christian schools, churches, youth groups and community programs. The group maximizes their product sales and each customer enjoys a scriptural message and a wonderful candle.

Journey of Faith Candles come in a 12 oz. Canning Jar with a scriptural message.

All candles come in a gift box.

12 oz. Canning Jars sell for $14 each. You make $6 per each candle sold.

Types of Candles: Warm Home - Believe Juicy Peach – Encourage Vanilla Bean – Forgive Baked Apple Pie – Hope Cinnamon Apple – Love Garden Rain – Praise Teakwood & Fern – Serve Gardenia - Trust

Brochure/Sell-Sheet Selling:

Your group take orders with our free brochures/sell-sheets and collect money. Place order after your fundraiser. You place the order with the money collected. No out of pocket expenses for you. Please deliver fundraising product to your supporters once received.


We are looking forward to helping you raise money!

Jaya Laxmi Co Fundraising


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