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Earth Candle Fundraiser

Free Fundraiser. There is not cost for you. You take orders and collect money with our brochure/sell-sheets. Place bulk candle order after your fundraiser. Once you receive your candles, please pass them out to your supporters.

Each hand poured candle is highly fragrant, long burning and proudly made in the USA with lead free wicks. The all natural wax and upscale fragrances create wonderful aromas.

Earth Candles come in a 12oz. canning jar or 14 oz. beautiful glass tumbler.

All candles come in a gift box.

12oz. canning jars sell for $14. You make $6 per each candle sold. 14oz. glass tumblers sell for $16 each. You make $8 per each candle sold.

Types of 12oz. Candles:

Hot Apple Pie

Balsam Fir

Butter Cookies

Cinnamon Apple

Juicy Peach


Rain Forrest

Salted Carmel

Brown Sugar & Vanilla


Pumpkin Spice Pie

Vanilla Bean

Types of 14oz. Candles:


Honey Pear

Lavender Mist

Orange Spice Tea

Vanilla Raspberry

White Cotton

You pay only your cost and keep your profit. Free shipping for orders of 120 or more candles to Eastern & Mid-Western Time Zone, and free shipping for orders of 150 or more candles to Pacific & MTN Time Zones.

Other Candle Fundraisers: "Quote" Candles, Journey of Faith Candles and Magic Melt & Warmer Fundraiser

Jaya Laxmi Co Fundraising


We are looking forward to helping you raise money.


Orange Spice Tea

Vanilla Raspberry

White Cotton

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